• BiCi Co Holiday Gift Guide

    During the holiday season, we’re bombarded with messaging that encourages us to buy this, spend on that. Obviously, we’re hoping you’ll choose to spend some of your dollars with us. However, our vision for the holiday season is less about stuff and more about building the community of people that love bikes, love people, and love what bikes can do for people. 

    As such, the BiCi Co Festivus Gift Guide combines “things” with “opportunities” to connect, give back, and enhance the riding experience for yourself, your friends and the community.  

    BiCi Co is a people first organization. Help us continue to grow our impact with youth and adults. We hope you’ll consider more than just purchasing stuff, and consider renewing or becoming a new member of the BiCi Co cycling community. 

    Membership and Community

    1. Join the Community

    Become a BiCi Co Member – $100 or join as a family – $160

    August 2016 – Appreciation Party for Members and Volunteers

    2. Pay-It-Forward

    Sponsor a friend or neighborhood residents to become a BiCi Co member – $100

    3. Master Riding in the City

    Register yourself or sponsor a friend/neighbor to take the Transportation Skills 101 bike safety class.

    Constanza at the May TS101. The rock dodge skill drill.

    RideLIFE: Gifts for Riding

    1. Put a Down Payment on Fun

    Put dollars on a gift card for a loved one or pay-it-forward as a donation to cover parts/service for a striving neighborhood resident to repair their bike – $You Choose$

    2. Buy-a-Bike, Build-a-Bike

    Come into the shop to grab one of our upcycled bikes off-the-rack, or build and customize a bike with your own style and flair – $Flexible$

    3. Don’t Get Stranded: Emergency Repair Kit

      • Purchase the kit and get a 10% Discount 
    1. Patch Kit ($6)
    2. Tube ($7)
    3. Tire Levers ($6)
    4. Pump ($25-40)
    5. Multi-tool($35)

    4. Be Visible, Be Safe, Stay Clean: Urban Riding Bike Upgrade

      • Purchase 3 items or more and get a 10% Discount 
    1. Reflective Vest ($10)
    2. Fenders ($40)
    3. Rack ($35)
    4. Lights ($15-40)
    5. Lock ($15-24)
    6. Anti-flat Protection ($12-40)

    5. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: All-Weather Riding Package

      • Purchase the package and get a 10% Discount 
    1. Winter Gloves ($40)
    2. Face Mask ($35)
    3. Leg Warmers ($30)
    4. Arm Warmers ($25)

    Pay-it-Forward: Gifts to Improve Hartford

    1. Get more Neighborhood Residents on Bikes

    Sponsor one (or 10!) Bikes for Job Access Participants ($200/participant)

    2. Get more kids on Bikes

    Become a BikeLIFE Sponsor (up to $5000)

    Photo Credit – The Wonderful Andy Hart. BIKELIFE 2017

    3. Support kids learning bicycle mechanic skills

    Sponsor the Earn-a-Bike program ($200/Student)

    4. Help us give neighborhood students a special holiday memory

    Volunteer to help us build bikes for our Holiday BikeLIFE Program (Free!!!)

    Bicycles make us smile like this!

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